‘Hold On’ Single Out Now – Free Download

24 Sep 2009

‘Hold On’ is the latest single to be released by Lifetone.

For a limited time only you can download the single for free here.

Song writer Wade Iedema explains the  motivation behind the song, “Unfortunately I’ve seen too many Christians fail to grasp the enormity of the hope they have in Jesus.  When things turned a bit sour in life, instead of clinging to the hope they had in Jesus, they let go and turned to the world for answers. Don’t get me wrong, life can be tough; for some people it’s enormously painful.  But we need to hold on to the real hope found in Jesus Christ rather than sell out for short term and ultimately futile solutions offered by the world.  Jesus’ death and resurrection provides the only satisfactory answer to the suffering and hopelessness of our world.”

In the coming months, Lifetone plan to release an EP for digital download only. Stay tuned for more details.


Life took your dreams
Then kicked you down
Said, “This is it
What goes around”

So they tell you,
“One thing is sure
This is all there is
There is no more”


This life is but a night
A day will come to light

Hold on
To this hope
Don’t give in
Don’t sell out
Hold on
To the One
Who gives hope
Hold On

So they tell you,
“Live for today
Forget tomorrow
These things wont change

Cause this is it
What goes around
Grab what you can
While it all goes down”


Hold on
To this hope
Hold on
To the One

But there is One
Who gave his breath
Who took the curse
Who has beaten death

And there is One
Who brought us life
Beyond our dreams
He reigns on high


Hold on (Day is coming, Day is coming)
Hold on (Day is coming, There is more)
Hold on (Day is coming, Day is coming)
Hold on (Day is coming, There is more)

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